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Better Humans Build Better Businesses: We Do Venture Capital Differently

At Overwater Ventures, we give founders access to a strong network of top leaders across industries that matter and holistic support that allows them to stay afloat in tough times and expedite the growth of their business.

1 in 5

founders are satisfied with their mental wellbeing and stress levels.*


of founders are satisfied with their physical activity.**


of founders spend nothing on improving mental wellbeing.**


more likely to report having a mental health condition compared to others.**

*Study by Michael Freeman **Study by KPMG

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Kristina is the sort of investor every founder needs, especially in the beginning. It is a rare combination of traits simultaneously expressed in a single person. She has all the knowledge, experience, and understanding of grit, resilience and the hustle of the startup. She also is someone you can confide in and ask every question you really want to ask going through your head while being relaxed and knowing it’s safe. To her, no problem is too silly and she will come up with clear and friendly action points to address any issue. She is inspiring, her energy is captivating and contagious and it is impossible not to be drawn in by her passion to just be the best investor your company needs.”

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Dina Radenkovic

CEO, Gameto

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Overwater provides disproportionately more value than their check size, especially when it comes to marketing strategy. Kristina is proactive and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of what we put out in the world and who we bring into the organization. She genuinely wants to help mission-driven companies and has valuable feedback no matter our question. She's very well-connected and has seen it all, from CPG and retail to food tech and experience working at top VC firms. She brings that experience into our conversations and has an ability to see around corners."

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Jeff Nobbs

CEO of Zero Acre Farms

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Kristina is incredible. She not only provides razor-sharp insights about business strategy, but is also deeply empathetic and understands the many challenges that early-stage startup founders face. She's able to help me confront difficult, sometimes uncomfortable realities, while simultaneously helping me to feel energized, prepared, and confident in tackling them. That is exactly what every early-stage startup founder could benefit from."

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Paul Baek

CEO of Matter of Fact

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As an entrepreneur with a few unicorns under my belt, I can confidently say that Kristina is a great asset to our board. Kristina is extremely helpful at three levels: she has a great eye for talent, she knows how to effectively help in funding rounds, and she has a great sense for the consumer experience."

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Martin Varsavsky

CEO of Overture Life

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